Magos Atmosfera Movementliberation
Dare a freer movement

        movementliberation        -         in various appearances (objects, images, actions, words)      -      created/initiated by Gabriel Magos 

This is the theory page. Gabriel Magos - I - thinks/think, that "space" is the main topic. One belief goes for open space and the other belief goes for closed space. There is a fight between these two basic concepts - within the individual ( which in fact is dividual) and between individuals, groups, nations, religions. At the same time, there is "Space" that is what I call "The Basic Common". 

My thinking and artistic work - including painting and object-related performance - investigates the possibilities of self-relying dealing with space - some may call it "personal freedom".

I think that we can tune into the Basic Common thru individual movementliberation. 

I'm working on different attempts to put my theory into specified "vessels" and I will start to present some of that "stuff" on this page...

Trying to understand space we work with the concept of position. "Position" has five meanings: a place, my place, status, posture and belief. There's a myriad of places in space ( "Oh, the Places You'll Go !"), there is the place where I am, there's my rank, the way I use my body and my mental positioning. 

"The way we walk to find our place is the story that forms our mind" means: We are "selbstausgewählte Gestaltenwandler" (Zitat O.).